1. Adoption of the Constitution

The society will be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.


2. Name

The name of the society will be :- The Amesbury Society (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Society’)


3. Objectives 

The Society’s objectives are :-

To stimulate interest in the Town of Amesbury and its environment

To communicate items of historic and general interest and record them

To secure the conservation of features of historic and public interest

To try to promote high standards of planning and architecture


4. Application of income and assets

The income and assets of the Society shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objectives. Payment of out of pocket expenses may be made to members for costs incurred whilst working on behalf of the Society. 


5. Membership

All members are invited to join the Society in a spirit of mutual friendship, trust and tolerance to further its objectives and abide by the rules as set out in the constitution.

Membership is open to all subject to payment of an annual subscription due on the 1st of January each year. Should the subscription be unpaid by the 1st of April each year the membership will be deemed to have lapsed. A member may resign at any time without notice but will forfeit any membership fee(s) already paid. 

A member may be removed from the Society if it is in the interest of the Society provided that a majority of the Committee vote in favour of the removal at a properly constituted Committee meeting. The member will be given 21 days prior notice in writing by the Society Chairman stating the reasons why the removal has been proposed.  


6. Meetings 

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held no later than the 30th November each year to which all members are invited.  The meeting will consist of :-

A report on the past years activities by the Chairman

Various topics that  need to be raised by other committee members. 

Presentation of the Society’s accounts by the Treasurer. 

Notification of the subscription fee for the coming year

Election of Committee members for the coming year.  

A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called at the written request of not less than ten per cent of the fully paid up membership with all members given at least 28 days notice of the meeting. One fifth (20%) of the total paid up membership personally present shall constitute a quorum for a SGM.  Any motion passed at a SGM must have been approved by two thirds of those present.


7.The Committee

The Committee will be responsible for the administration of the Society and will consist of  the Executive four officers Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer  and Minutes Secretary plus a maximum of eight committee members. A minimum of five meetings of the committee will be held each year and will be called by the Chairman giving suitable and sensible notice of each meeting. Should the Chairman be unable to attend the Committee may elect a chairman for that particular meeting. A minimum of four members of the committee constitute a quorum of which at least two should be from the Executive.  Minutes will be taken of each meeting and placed on a permanent file. 


8. Selection of the Committee

Committee members will be subject to election or re-election each year at the AGM. To qualify for election each nominee must have been a member of the Society for at least one year and have contacted the Chairman personally outlining their intention to stand at least 7 days before the AGM. To be elected each Committee member must be nominated and seconded. Should there be more nominations than vacancies on the Committee an election by show of hands will be made with those members with the most votes being elected. 

The Chairman may co-opt members on to the Committee with the agreement of the majority of the Committee if vacancies occur.


9. Members Liabilities

The Society is an ‘unincorporated association’, is not a ‘legal entity’ and cannot sue or be sued, cannot own property and cannot be bound by contract. Consequently any individual member (or group of  members) acting in the Society’s name is legally liable and are personally responsible for any actions undertaken.   


10. Winding Up

The Society may be wound up by a two thirds majority of members voting at an AGM or SGM (as outlined in Clause 6). In the event of a winding up any surplus funds (that have not been specifically raised or allocated to another organisation or for a particular purpose) and/or records of the Society shall be deposited with a body deemed suitable by the Committee or remaining membership of the Society.


11 Amendments  

This constitution may be amended by a two thirds majority of members present at an AGM or SGM provided that 28 days notice of the proposed changes is given to all members (See Section 6)


12 Notices

Any notice required to be given by these rules shall be deemed to be given if sent by email, text, posted letter or left at the last address of the recipient in the possession of the Society.